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The Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine strives to facilitate personal contact and exchange of knowledge between Anthroposophic physicians, with other health practitioners and organizations, with patients, and the general public. PAAM is a volunteer, physician-run 501c3 non-profit and is the ONLY organization in the United States of its kind! 

Having recently celebrated the 100-year anniversary of Anthroposophic Medicine in 2020, PAAM is now looking forward as we step into our role as a international leader in representing the paradigm of human-centered medicine that focuses on creating resilient physical, mental and spiritual health, as well as treating disease. To fulfill this important role, we need good additional research, accessible training, partnerships with key allies, a substantial grassroots movement, and the will and courage to actively face the legislative, regulatory, economic and cultural challenges of our time. Most importantly - we need your help and support! 

Please consider making a donation to support PAAM and its current initiatives. Scroll below the Donation box to read more about the work we're currently engaged in.

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PAAM is training doctors and medical students in the art and practice of Anthroposophic Medicine, bringing forward best practices and highlighting the ways Anthroposophic Medicine corresponds with, enlivens and enhances the practice of integrative and conventional medicine. We continue to welcome international guest faculty, experienced physicians and newcomers to our Annual Training Week. Our thriving webinar programs are reaching and engaging hundreds of practitioners, many of whom are newcomers, both nationally and internationally. We are launching the Resilient Healers Project, a teaching program designed to reach students in their formative years of schooling. We're engaged in Teaching the Teachers work to train better speakers and educators for the future. We are also building the future of mistletoe therapy in North America as we educate practitioners in research and best practices through our Best Practices in Mistletoe and Integrative Oncology Courses and the newly published book, Mistletoe and the Emerging Future of Integrative Oncology.

Outreach and Collaboration
PAAM is supporting and sponsoring doctors and nurses to speak and present research at critical academic and integrative symposiums and conferences, and to attend and speak at important events and school programs. We are making connections and developing dynamic working relationships with other organizations to bring strength to the impulse of better health for everyone. We're developing collaborative dialogues with academic organizations and institutions to bring forward better education and additional research. All the while, we continue working diligently to make the current information and research more accessible through projects like the AnthroMed Library. Additionally, we're developing initiatives to educate professionals and the public about Anthroposophic Medicine and to address the unfortunate amount of misinformation and misrepresentation of our forms of medicine and therapy. We're also working with homeopathic colleagues to prevent the proposed major FDA restrictions and Anthroposophic and homeopathic medicines. We have made good strides in past years, but there is still much to be done.

The Foundation for Health Creation
PAAM has launched a patient and public health platform to foster health creation and to develop resources for parents, families, communities and individuals to assist in navigating the challenges to being healthy and resilient in our modern-day world. Through the free seasonal e-newsletter and other free and low-cost resources, we are addressing topics such as home health, anxiety, nutrition, technology, vaccines, end of life care, pro-active health practices, environmental medicine, toxicology, the development of health resilience, and so much more. Visit the webpage at foundationforhealthcreation.org for more information and to subscribe to the e-newsletter.

The Dr. Philip Incao Fund for Spiritual Science & Medicine
Dr. Philip Incao is well known as one of the leading pioneers and outspoken advocates of Anthroposophic Medicine in our country. As Dr. Incao nears the threshold, he has reflected on the legacy he would like to leave to future generations of spiritual scientists and medical practitioners, aside from the deep insights and wisdom he has already shared with students, mentees, fellow practitioners and patients throughout the decades. To honor his desire to support interested and motivated doctors who want to deepen their Anthroposophic understanding and spiritual schooling, we have established a fund specifically devoted to offering financial assistance for doctors and medical students wanting to attend Medial Section offerings and other Anthroposophic conferences and trainings focused on spiritual science.

Academic Research and New Medical Facilities
There is currently a Phase I clinical trial of Mistletoe therapy taking place at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. A Phase II trial will require substantial monetary support, and there are other important ongoing and potential Mistletoe studies in need of funding. There is also growing interest among the integrative oncology community to look collaboratively at feasibility and legislative changes that would allow for the growth of Anthroposophic Medicine and integrative medicine. Legislative activity and the development of clinic and hospital programs able to demonstrate the efficacy of Anthroposophic Medicine are greatly needed, and projects such as these will require significant funding and grants to make them a reality.

If you would like to donate your time or expertise to any of our initiatives, we would love to hear from you!
If you have questions about making a donation or are interested in making a substantial monetary contribution
in the form of an endowment or grant, please write to 
the PAAM Board at paam@anthroposophy.org.

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