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The Clinical Mentoring Program provides more individualized teaching time and a focus on practical application of Anthroposophic medical therapies in your practice.

The Foundation Year of clinical mentoring consists of a series of ten live, 90-minute online sessions (spaced about every 3-4 weeks, September to May), plus a special, in-person, 2½ day Fall Mentoring Workshop. In these meetings you will be introduced to the philosophical and clinical foundations of Anthroposophic Medicine, while creating a clear pathway for you to bring these insights into your patient care. Topics include:

  • dynamic observation methods
  • learning the language of nature
  • metamorphosis, dynamic morphology and embryology
  • threefold physiologic patterns
  • the fourfold nature of the human being
  • exploring the deeper roots of health and illness
  • first steps in prescribing Anthroposophic medicines and therapies
  • meditative practices to support moral strength and practitioner health
  • integrative practice management tools and sharing of successful practice models

While participation in the Annual Training Conferences (IPMT) is open to all physicians and licensed prescribers, participation in the Clinical Mentoring Program requires application, and commitment to the three-year program. The prerequisite for starting the clinical mentoring program is having participated in one or more annual conferences (or an equivalent experience).

Participation in the Fall Clinical Mentoring Workshop is limited to those who are enrolled in the mentoring program (Foundation year, second year or third year) in order to provide a more intimate training experience and preserve the opportunity for direct feedback and learning.

Quarterly group meetings continue during mentoring years two and three, but the majority of  sessions are now devoted to paired (one-on-one) discussions with an experienced clinician mentor. The focus for these mentoring meetings is discussing cases from one’s own clinical practice.

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