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PAAM Training Webinar Series:  “Mistletoe Use in Cancer Therapy”, with Peter Hinderberger MD 
This two-part webinar reviews the basics uses, clinical indications, and contraindications for the use of mistletoe as an adjuvant cancer treatment.  Dr. Hinderberger has many years of experience in the use mistletoe.  The first session will present an overview of mistletoe therapy; the second will look at more specific clinical questions or situations.
Target group: Professional licensed prescribers; participation is therefore limited to MD's, DO's, NP's, PA's and ND graduates of accredited four year programs.
Click here for the Course Outline and References
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PAAM Training Webinar Series: Learning the Language of Healing Plants (Year One)
A peer-teaching series of webinars focused on the phenomenology of healing plants, with a striving effort to learn how the healing properties of a plant can be understood through the “language” of shape, size, proportion, growth pattern and environment.  The study is based on Markus Sommer’s book “Healing Plants: Herbal Remedies from Traditional to Anthroposophical Medicine”, which is available at
Each session considers two healing plants with two 25-minute presentations offered by PAAM members or guest speakers on each plant.
The first six sessions of the series were presented in fall/winter of 2016. The next six sessions will take place beginning in October 2017. Registration remains open through February 2018.
Follow this link to purchase the Year One sessions.

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