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A second aspect of training comes through online course offerings, which allow you to explore Anthroposophic Medicine in your home or office.  These webinar programs are offered at both introductory and experienced levels; they provide an introductory pathway for those who are interested in learning more, as well as ongoing learning opportunities for those who are participating in the IPMT courses.   Both lecture-type, as well as more collaborative, peer-sharing presentations are offered each year.

Current Online Courses:
Working Constitutionally
with Children


The Clinical Mentoring Program is available for those prescribers (MD, DO, NP, PA, ND), who are actively working to incorporate Anthroposophic therapies into their own clinical work.  Participants are assigned to work one-on-one with an experienced anthroposophic physician in order to discuss clinical cases from the learner’s own practice.  Participants apply for mentoring on a yearly basis, one “year” being considered 18 hours of live, phone, or skype mentoring (generally done as 60-90 minute sessions scheduled every several weeks).  


The culmination of the different training programs is recognition by the American College of Anthroposophic Medicine (ACAM).  Application for certification is open to MD, DO, NP and PA applicants who can demonstrate an ongoing commitment to studying anthroposophic medicine, have completed two years of clinical mentoring, and are able to submit letters of recommendation as well as two case studies. (Certification for ND applicants is offered by SPAN).  You can find the full list of ACAM application requirements, as well as instructions for submission, here.

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