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These books can be obtained from any bookstore, per special order. They can be ordered directly from the following: 

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These are helpful volumes for learning about anthroposophic approaches to health and illness. 

Bott, Victor:  Spiritual Science and the Art of Healing Healing Arts Press. A condensed, clinical exploration of Rudolf Steiner’s integrative anthroposophic medicine. 

Evans, Michael & Iain Roger:  Complete Healing: Regaining Your Health through Anthroposophical Medicine  An introduction to the anthroposophic view of the human being and this medical approach; written for a general audience and a good overview for doctors new to anthroposophic medicine.   
Gloeckler, Michaela & Wolfgang Goebel:  A Guide to Child Health: A Holistic Approach to Raising Healthy Children, 4th Edition.  Written for parents, and a bestseller in Germany. Covers a broad range of children’s health issues. Appendix contains instructions for parents on compresses, therapeutic baths, etc. 

Hotzapfel, Walter: The Human Organs, Their Functional and Psychological Significance: Liver, Lung, Kidney, Heart. Describes the relationship between the organs and our conscious thought and feeling life.  Not specifically medical, but a very nice description of these relationships.

Steiner’s medical lectures are tremendously rich with beautiful insights and imaginations; familiarity with basic anthroposophic vocabulary will make them more accessible. 

Steiner, Rudolf and & Ita Wegman: Fundamentals of Therapy   Mercury Press, bilingual edition, newly translated by C. van Tellingen.  Also available as:   Extending Practical Medicine. Rudolf Steiner Press, AR Meuss, translator. 

Steiner, R: The Healing Process: Spirit, Nature & Our Bodies  Steinerbooks.  A series of medical lectures given by Steiner given in various cities, covering several topics in depth, from multiple angles.  A helpful volume if you are trying to read Steiner’s medical lectures for the first time. 

Steiner, R.: Introducing Anthroposophical Medicine Anthroposophic Press. New translation by C. Creeger. Previously titled: Spiritual Science and Medicine.  Covers a tremendously broad range of topics (many in response to questions Steiner received), therefore can be challenging as a first “introductory” reader.  Referred to as the “First Medical Course” of lectures Steiner gave. 20 lectures from March 21-April 9, 1920, Dornach, Switzerland. 

Steiner, R.: Anthroposophical Spiritual Science and Medical Therapy: The Second Medical Course Mercury Press.  9 lectures from April 11-18, 1921, Dornach. Advanced material; recommended for readers familiar with the subject. 

Steiner, R.: Fundamentals of Anthroposophical Medicine Mercury Press. 4 lectures given October 16-28, 1922, Stuttgart. Referred to as the “Third Medical Course”.  
Steiner, R.: Course for Young Doctors, or republished recently by Steinerbooks as: Understanding Healing: Meditative Reflections on Deepening Medicine through Spiritual Science 8 lectures, given Jan 2-9,1924 and 5 lectures, given April 21-25, 1924, Dornach. Contemplative perspective for doctors, with a special focus on inner work and meditation. 

Steiner, R.: Eurythmy Therapy Steiner’s original lectures to physicians and eurythmists. 8 lectures, given 1921-22, Stuttgart and Dornach. 

Steiner, R.:  Education for Special Needs: The Curative Education Course Broad medical, developmental and pedagogical insights, laid the foundation for Camphill work.   Rudolf Steiner Press.   12 lectures, June-July 1924.

These volumes bring practical guides and indications for diagnosis and treatment, or alternatively, introduce methods for strengthening observation and the work of self development. 

Bockemühl, Jochen.  A Guide to Understanding Healing Plants (Vol. I)  A phenomenological guide to seeing activities inherent in healing plants. 

Holtzapfel, Walter.  Medicine and Mysteries. Explores the ways in which a deepened understanding of medicine related to mystery knowledge of the past, and how this connection can be renewed by working with Steiner and Wegman’s Fundamentals of Therapy. 

Husemann, Friedrich & Otto Wolff, editors: The Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine Three volumes. (volume I may be out of print). Mercury Press has released a newly revised version of Volume III, which includes sections on infectious diseases, cancer, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, dermatology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and psychiatry. Some scientific references are dated, but the general principles hold and there is much of great value in these volumes. 

Kirchner-Bochholt, Margarete: Curative Eurythmy A comprehensive handbook, very helpful for those who are wishing to better understand, or begin to prescribe, therapeutic eurythmy exercises.   
Pelikan, Wilhelm:  Healing Plants Vols I and II   Mercury Press, 1997.   Anthroposophic perspective on medicinal plants; plant families and their major medicinal genus/species. Illustrations, index, bibliography. 

Rohen, Johannes:  Functional Morphology  Adonis Press, 2007. ISBN978-093277636-5. Threefold, holistic detailed discussion of anatomy and physiology, by a world-renowned author of medical anatomy texts. 

Schramm, Henning: The Healing Power of Planetary Metals in Anthroposophic and Homeopathic Medicine.  Written by an anthroposophic pharmacist, describes the phenomenology and qualities of the seven planetary metals. 

Soldner, G. & Stellmann,H. M.  Individual Paediatrics: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Diagnosis and Counseling. Anthroposophic-homoepathic Therapy, Fourth Edition (German), First Edition (English) CRC Press/MedPharm, 2014 Brand new translation of 1000-page anthroposophic and homeopathic pediatric textbook, from fourth German edition. Obtainable from most bookstores.
Available on Amazon

Hemmerich, Fritz Helmut Handbook of Anthroposophic Gynecology Translated by Peter Luborsky ISBN: 978-0-936132-30-3 

Vademecum of Anthroposophic Medicines.  CD format 1st English Ed. 2009 (new English edition coming 2016!)
Medical Section, IVAA, and GAÄD.  Guide to many anthroposophic medicines, with a searchable index of diagnoses (“indications”); extensive references; interactive CD.  An invaluable tool to help you start prescribing anthroposophic medicine for a broad range of situations.
*Available from Rudolf Steiner College bookstore.

Von Zabern, Bertram (compiler). Compendium for the Remedial Treatment of Children, Adolescents, and Adults in Need of Soul Care:  Experiences and Indications from Anthroposophic Therapy. A practical guide, with specific remedy instructions, external applications and artistic therapies.  Very helpful for building constitutional treatments. 

Vogel, Heinz-Hartmut:  Finding Remedies - Spiritual Knowledge of Man and Nature 2000 Medizin Verlags GmbH Bad Boll, Germany. 2 volumes. Guide to many Wala (and Uriel pharmacy equivalent) anthroposophic medicines. Valuable monographs 
on each constituent of compound medicines.  See "New Book" section in this website for Free Download.

Wolff, Otto.  Remedies for Typical Diseases. Brief descriptions exploring the activity and applications of foundational anthroposophic remedies, including the “-dorons”. 

External Applications Compilation of indications from Rudolf Steiner for external treatments (compresses, etc)

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