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Welcome to the PAAM Patients and Friends page.

Our new Patient Association wants to help protect our right and freedom to receive, practice and protect Anthroposophic and Integrative Medicine.  More activity is needed in the training of clinicians and therapists and informing the public and health care organizations about the power and need for a public health system based on “Health Creation” as well as disease prevention! We are looking for friends who want to join us in creating a culture of health and who want to support the mission to educate and advocate for these principals!

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Can Fever Reduce My Child's Risk of Asthma? by Philip Incao, MD

Call to Action: 
There is an important Citizens’ Petition brought by the organization, Americans for Homeopathy Choice (AHC). This is a legal petition that the FDA must consider and publish on its website: It is docket number FDA-2018-P-2962-0001. Please support this petition! Many homeopathic organizations have given written support for this well thought out petition. The Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (PAAM) also has written
a letter of support and submitted comment to the FDA’s website.

Anthroposophic medicine has always been conceived as a natural and holistic form of medicine that amplifies and extends conventional medicine to more fully and accurately address the whole human being (body, life, mind/soul, and spirit/individuality) in necessary diagnostic, therapeutic and research aspects. Anthroposophic medicine attempts this through insights into the deeper aspects of a patient’s physiology, symptomatology and pathology. The subsequent treatment strives to be comprehensive and involves the use of natural remedies (herbal, homeopathic, and other compounded substances), as well as artistic and other modalities. Anthroposophic medical treatment tries to enhance a person’s own powers of self-healing and thereby achieve even more vital health and balance. The restriction of homeopathic remedies by the FDA would be a serious blow to both patients and physicians that use homeopathic and anthroposophic medicines in their treatment plans.

Please write to the FDA by submitting a comment on their website to support the petition, and then send a copy of your letter to your two senators and 1 representative in Congress. The steps are rather easy and are provided below. Your written statements to the FDA do not have to be long or complicated. Just 2-4 sentences are enough. You can, of course, write more! Please follow theses steps prior to December 1st, 2018:

Step 1. Go to the AHC’s user-friendly website: There you will find icons with descriptive titles to then click on them for what you want to do. You can read the Citizen's Petition in full if you desire.
Step 2. Click on the second icon on the left to submit a comment to the FDA in support of the petition.
    a. Read the easy instructions on what to potentially include in your comment. Make sure you include the FDA docket number at the top of your comment: FDA-2018-P-2962-0001.
    b. As you scroll down you can click on a link for a sample comment letter to help you.
    c. Scroll down and click the red bar that says "Submit Your Comment to the FDA".
    d. When you do this you will see the pdf attachment of the Citizens' Petition and on the right upper corner is a button that says "Comment Now!". Click it.
    e. Write your comment in the red box (500-word limit). You can also attach a document or other materials if you like.
    f. Write in your personal information. Under "category" select health professional or individual consumer or a particular organization you may represent, as appropriate.
Step 3. Click continue at the bottom to preview and correct your response. You can then ask to be notified of any comments the FDA receives, if you like. 
Step 4. Go back to the AHC website and click the icon to send their form letter or your own letter to your representatives and a copy of your comment. There easy steps to follow and links to find your senators and representative.
Step 5. You are done! You can also donate to AHC to support their efforts on the behalf of all of us!

The Third Edition of LILIPOH’s Holistic Wellness Guide centers on home care and includes hundreds of recommendations on dozens of common conditions that represent an integration of herbal, naturopathic, and anthroposophic traditions of healing.

The Holistic Wellness Guide is presented for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or prescribe. (104 pp)

Please consider a donation to PAAM and help our good work grow and touch more people. Enjoy the growing body of newsletters and interesting articles and links we will offer on this new and important website.  If you donate $15 to PAAM now you will receive a free copy of the popular Lilipoh Home Remedy Guide issue. Click here to Donate, and be sure to note your full mailing address in the comment box. 

PAAM is a growing educational organization focused on educating future clinicians. We support a five-year training course,
the IPMT, with mentoring programs as well as many other educational events.  Recently we have been partnering with other organizations to safeguard the availability and use of homeopathic medications and develop new directions for public health. We have also been presenting research on anthroposophic medicine at important academic venues around the country.  


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