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Finding Remedies by Heinz Hartmut Vogel
The two volume set of remedies researched and edited by Heinz-Hartmut Vogel, has been made available for free download by the publishers Akademie Havelhöhe.

Anthroposophy and Science: An Introduction by Peter Heusser, MD 
Peter Lang International Academic Publishers, 2016
This book is the first thorough introduction into the scientific basis of anthroposophy and anthroposophical medicine in the context of academic science. On a sound epistemological basis and in the context of current debates, it analyses basic concepts of physics, chemistry, genetics morphogenesis, biology, neurobiology, psychology, and philosophy of mind, with an emphasis on the problems of life, mind-body interactions, and free will. The result is a non-reductionistic anthropology acknowledging the emergent properties of body, life, soul, and spirit as equally real entities. This concurs with the basic concepts of anthroposophy and anthroposophical medicine, the justification of which is discussed in relation to the history and methodology of science as well as evidence based medicine.

The Heart and Circulation:  An Integrative Model by Branko Furst, MD
Springer-Verlag London, 2014
What drives the circulation? In this comprehensive review of existing circulation models, the conventional view that the heart is a pressure-propulsion pump is challenged. The existing models fail to explain an increasing number of observed circulatory phenomena. A unifying circulation model is proposed in which the blood, responding to metabolic demands of the tissues, is the primary regulator of cardiac output. This new model arises from accumulated clinical and experimental evidence. The heart, rather than being an organ of blood propulsion, assumes a secondary role and generates pressure by impeding the flow of blood. This is supported by examples from the fields of early embryonic circulation, comparative phylogeny, functional morphology, exercise physiology and a range of clinical scenarios. The Heart and Circulation: An Integrative Model offers a paradigm shift in the understanding of circulatory phenomena. It will become a valuable resource for all those clinicians, researchers, educators and students who, having been confronted with the paradox of the circulation, are looking for a broader interpretation.
Available here

Individual Paediatrics by Georg Soldner, MD and H. Michael Stellman, MD
CRC Press English Edition, 2014
Physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of diagnosis and counselling Anthroposophic-homeopathic is of considerable consequence whether one approaches paediatric medicine in purely technological terms, aiming to restore complete and permanent health, or whether children are encouraged to actively overcome their health crises through providing them with sustained support in their capacity for self-regulation. The present new book has been thoroughly updated.

Internal Medicine by Dr. Matthias Girke
Matthias Girke comprehensively explains all the important sub-disciplines of internal medicine from the viewpoint of a holistic human understanding of Anthroposophic Medicine. Whether pulmonology or gastroenterology, oncology or diabetology each topic is systematically and practically explored. The textbook serves as a fundamental guide to the anthroposophic science of man, disease and pharmacology. Therefore, it is very suitable as an introduction to Anthroposophic Medicine. Even physicians, who are already familiar with the treatment concepts, can complement their knowledge purposefully.
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