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International Post-Graduate Medical Training (IPMT) 

The International Postgraduate Medical Training (IPMT), hosted by PAAM, 
& presented by The Medical Section at the Goetheanum, Switzerland

Each year PAAM holds the North American IPMT (International Postgraduate Medical Training), a week-long intensive training course in anthroposophic medicine, currently taught on six different continents and in more than twenty different countries. Each year classes are offered for both newcomers and more experienced physicians.  Inspiring, highly experienced international faculty bring a range of clinical workshops, plus guided small group work focused on refining observation skills, enlivening medical thinking, and exploring the importance of the physicians’ inner life. 

2019 IPMT, April 27th – May 4th in Chestnut Ridge, New York!

Medical focus on women’s health, anthroposophic pharmacy, and the threefold dynamics of the healing process.

Special guest faculty to include Albert Schmidli, PharmD, Arlesheim, Switzerland
Carmen Eppel, MD, Obstetrician-gynecologist in Heidenheim an der Brenz, Germany,
and Andrea Rentea, MD, Family Physician, Chicago

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Read what others are saying about their IPMT experience...

"My first IPMT in 2008 was a game changer for my career path. The IPMT opened my eyes to an international medical movement that has been blossoming for almost a century. This medical movement views the human being not just in a physical, biological sense, but includes in its view the human being as a potentially evolving, spiritual being.  Having this wider view of the possibilities of each human being improved how I felt about practicing medicine, and was necessary for me to feel good about my relationship with patients. 
Who will benefit from the IPMT?  Anyone who has a longing to go deep into the heart of medicine and a yearning to understand why a human being really becomes ill… AM is a holistic medicine that begins with its foundation in conventional medicine but adds new dimensions that allows a practitioner to penetrate into the deeper layers of each unique, individual patient." 
~Tiffany Baer, MD
"It was my second IPMT meeting and I always wondered after the first one if subsequent IPMTs would be just as cool... Almost immediately I felt a sense of deep satisfaction. Every meeting, discussion, gathering I attended created an "awe" that blew my mind.   
The lectures were extremely helpful and timely. It gave me a lot of support and hope for the work we do. There have been many suggestions, exercises and opportunities to learn and self- develop at the IPMT that I would not have found in any other "scientific meetings".   
I can’t believe that AM has not gone viral!"     
~Vinay Parameswara, MD

"I have nothing but kudos and thank you’s to say about the newbies track for physicians at the IPMT I recently attended in Chestnut Ridge.  The experience began with a beautiful setting of the Fellowship Community and the Threefold Waldorf school and a gentle loving check-in to the pre-conference sessions.  It continued with great teaching from knowledgeable, caring professors coming from the USA and Europe. Early each morning, a Eurythmy movement expert gave demonstrations and participation to all. The nurses demonstrated multiple procedures with hand-outs and how-to’s. We learned the Steiner basics from his translated literature and discussed today’s relevance. As a group, we studied a plant in detail; and remedies for the respiratory tract problems.  Evenings were filled with lectures from the best of the best in worldwide Anthroposophic Medicine physicians.  It is hard to believe that we received so much for so relatively little and all was given to us so freely.  I was able to get to know dozens of other newbies and network with many very experienced physicians of AM. Thank you again with great gratitude for the introduction to a most complete medicine and way of life."
~Nancy Eos, MD

Come experience a rejuvenating approach to Healing the Whole Person: Body, Soul and Spirit.
Meet with inspiring colleagues, learn from international experts and reconnect with your will to heal!

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IPMT 2019 Faculty

We are pleased to announce the creation of two full-tuition scholarships for eligible integrative medicine fellows to attend the IPMT. The Steward Scholars Program is open to all physicians (MD, DO) currently enrolled in an integrative medicine fellowship. Scholars will be awarded full tuition, including meals, plus $500 stipend towards travel or lodging costs. Lodging and travel must be arranged separately and are not included in tuition. After the course, recipients are asked to submit a short discussion of how Anthroposophic Medicine can contribute to academic integrative medicine training. These reports must be received by July 1, 2019.

Applicants should send a copy of their CV, plus a cover letter describing their interests in integrative and/or anthroposophic medicine to

For those new to Anthroposophic Medicine: Foundations of Anthroposophic Medicine - Introductory Workshop
A special day-long experience offered for medical students, residents, fellows and other physicians who are new to the practice of Anthroposophic Medicine. The workshop will happen Saturday, April 27th, and will be a day of lecture, observation, case study and conversation. Participants are invited to stay for dinner and lecture the opening evening of the IPMT on April 27th. Click here to see the day's schedule

Those who are attending the IPMT week for the first or second time are warmly welcomed to register for the Introductory Workshop and are given a $50.00 discount on workshop registration. Please write to to request a registration code. The Introductory Workshop is intended for newcomers and is not open to those with more than two years of IPMT experience. Participation in the IPMT week is not required in order to attend the Introductory Workshop.

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