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2019 IPMT Course Descriptions

Course Overview

Evening Lecture Series: Healing is Not a Static Process - Understanding the differentiated phases and observable dynamics within the treatment course of an illness

First Morning Session: Medicinal Plant and Observational Skills Lab

Second Morning Session: Integrative Medical Text Study - Small group practice of clinical problem-solving skills

First Afternoon Session (with Carmen Eppel, MD): Rhythm and Transition - An integrative approach to understanding the time element in women's health
This session is open to all participants

First Afternoon Session (with Adam Blanning, MD): Individualizing Treatment in Chronic Disease
This session selection is recommended for newcomers and those just beginning in Anthroposophic Medicine

First Afternoon Session (with Philip Incao, MD): Advanced Topics in Anthroposophic Medicine
This session selection is intended for those more experienced in Anthroposophic Medicine

Second Afternoon Session (with Albert Schmidli, PharmD): Is Our Goal Formation or Dissolution? - Exploring the pharmacologic principles that underlie stimulatory and suppressive treatments in both chronic and acute illness
Highly recommended for all participants. If you have never seen his pharmacy presentations before, they are not to be missed!

Second Afternoon Session (with Andrea Rentea, MD): Finding Systemic Patterns in Illness
This session selection is limited to licensed prescribers: MD, DO, NP, PA, and ND graduates.

Second Afternoon Session (with Glenda Monasch, TE): Eurythmy Movement Therapy - Movement Exercises for Recovery and Rehabilitation


Course offerings, descriptions and teachers subject to change. 

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