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PAAM offers numerous opportunities to learn more about anthroposophic medicine wherever you are. Webinars, taught by highly-qualified and well-experienced anthroposophic physicians allow you the chance to learn more about specific relevant clinical approaches to various medical conditions. Telephone discussion groups, hosted by insightful practitioners, offer you the opportunity to be part of the conversation, to ask questions, and to meaningfully contribute to a fuller understanding of anthroposophic approaches. 

PAAM Training: Learning the Language of Healing Plants
A Peer-Teaching Webinar Series
Join us for Year Three as we explore twelve different healing gestures over six hour-long webinar sessions. We will continue to work out of Markus Sommer's book Healing Plants: Herbal Remedies from Traditional to Anthroposophical Medicine
The course meets the first Thursday of the month, October 2018 to March 2019
at 8:30pm EST / 7:30 CST / 6:30 MST / 5:30 PST, with each session lasting about 60 minutes. Calls are recorded and made available for later listening. Online registration, with discounted tuition offered to PAAM and AAMTA members, will open August 2018.
 *This is a great introductory activity for pre-med, medical students and residents; tuition discounts are available.

If you did not participate in years one or two, but would like to purchase the series, please visit the PAAM Webinar Library.
Familiarity with previous sessions is not required for meaningful participation in the next six sessions beginning in October.

PAAM Training:  Working Constitutionally with Children
A two-year course taught by Adam Blanning MD, course director
Year two is near conclusion.
New cycle begins in Autumn 2019!
The continuation of a twenty-session webinar course that works with foundational anthroposophic insights into child growth and development as they are brought through Steiner's descriptions of the constitutional polarities. Participation in year two is limited to those who have completed the first year. 
Pre-requisite Training: attendance of at least two years of IPMT meetings (or equivalent training). It is strongly recommended that participants have also completed a year of clinical mentoring. Participants are expected to have a working understanding of the 4-fold and 3-fold approaches in anthroposophic medicine coming into the course. Preparatory reading materials and resources will be provided before each session.
The course is limited to licensed prescibers (MD, DO, PA, NP, and ND graduates of approved four-year schools). In order to do the required case reports, participants should be actively working with children in their clinical practice and/or be able to observe them in a classroom setting. There will be a case write-up required in January and May of each year.

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