PAAM, in cooperation with The Institute for Medical Studies (IMS) will be offering a totally new type of CME program, which will be worth up to 20 CME credits. The purpose of the new CME activity will be to provide you with a concrete strategy for improving patient outcomes in chronic disease.

The CME activity will include multiple components, culminating in a Practice Improvement (PI) component. The activity will begin with pre-conference reading of journal articles, for which you will be asked to take notes in a “Clinical Pearls Notebook”. Then, during the IPMT week, we will offer six 30-minute sessions at the end of each afternoon.  Those sessions will be dedicated to discussing the articles and developing a list of ideas to improve outcomes for patients with chronic disease.  This will be done through small group discussion, including a “participant fueled/led consensus process”—i.e. a brainstorming and consensus process wherein participants will actively share ideas gained through their contemplation of patient care concepts and ideas gained through the discussion process. At the end of the week we will work to come up with a list of strategies that can be brought back to our own practices, where we will work to implement these ideas directly into patient care.

Three follow-up live webinar discussion sessions will be offered (June, August, and November), to review and refine the clinical strategies, and to also support you with the process of implementing and measuring the success of your PI effort. 

While completion of the entire CME activity will earn participants up to 20 CME credits, participants may also choose to complete a lesser portion of the activity and earn partial credit. Further details on specifics of the CME activity will be provided to IPMT registrants.  

We look forward to the implementation of this new type of CME activity, which offers us the opportunity to bring elements of the group wisdom gathered during these consensus sessions into our own daily practice with patients.


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Update on CME credits offered during the IPMT for 2019 

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